Important information from the Director of Graduate Programs,  , for Prospective Students and Applicants:

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all phone and fax numbers are in the 919 area code.


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Exam(s) Required:
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Application Priority Deadlines (Important Note: Applications and all supporting documents must be received on or before the Graduate School Priority Deadlines or the Program Priority Deadlines, whichever is earlier.  In cases where priority deadlines shown below do not explicitly distinguish international from domestic deadlines, the Graduate School priority deadline for internationals takes precedence where it is earlier.)

Please be aware of specific program and Graduate School
priority deadlines that may affect your choice of year and semester of entry. All applications submitted will be processed but late applicants (submitted after the priority deadlines) are considered for admission only on a "space-available" or special exception basis. All application fees are totally non-refundable. Before applying for admission you must determine if you are within the appropriate applicable priority deadline in order to make your choice of year and semester of entry. Your application is considered as "received" upon receipt of your application fee. This date will be later than "submission" date for applicants choosing to pay their fee by means other than credit card.

Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2

Admissions Applications must be submitted on-line at

Unless otherwise instructed in a special text message at the top of this page, have offline paper recommendations, resumes and other correspondence sent directly to the address shown below: